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Head of BiosCiences : Dr. Thierry TRON 

Better understand to better control

The chemistry of living systems is at the core of bioscience concerns. We develop strategies to understand the chemical mechanisms that govern actions of living systems in order to be able to control it but also to use these knowledges to produce bioinspired systems able to reproduce their biological activities.

Our scientific objectives are:

• better understand, (i) the architecture-function relationships in metalloenzymes as well as in synthetic (bio-inspired models) or natural peptides (anti-microbial), (ii) the assembly and dynamics of enzyme interaction with their effectors (biomolecules, substrates, inhibitors ...);

• design and study: (i) bio-inspired catalysts (complexes, artificial enzymes, hybrid catalysts …), (ii) enzymatic cascades or synthetic metabolic pathways as part of a reasoned development of new tools for chemical synthesis;

• develop new methods for analyzing complex biological mixtures, including NMR spectroscopic methods (solid state NMR, chromatographic NMR, metabolomic …).


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