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Les 2481 publications de l'iSm2

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Characterization of a nonheme Fe(III)-peroxo intermediate by UV/vis and EPR spectroscopies and mass spectrometry

A. J. Simaan, F. Banse, P. Mialane, T. Kargar-Grisel, G. Bouchoux, A. Boussac, S. Un, J. J. Girerd Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 1999, 993-996

1H and 13C Chemicals Shifts of some Tetracyclic and Pentacyclic Acridinone Derivatives

J-P. Hanoun, S. Morel, V. Pique, J-P. Galy, R. Faure. Magn. Reson. Chem. 1999, 37(8), 86-89.

Competitive inhibitors of yeast phosphoglucose isomerase: synthesis and evaluation of new types of phosphorylated sugars from the synthon D-arabinonolactone-5-phosphate

Hardré R. & Salmon L., Carbohydrate Res., 1999, 318, 110-115.

Effect of cyclodextrins on the rhodium-catalysed hydrogenation of unsaturated carboxylic acids in water

Henri Arzoumanian, Didier Nuel, Comptes rendus de l’Académie des sciences. Série IIc, Chimie, 1999, 2, 289 - 293. <hal-01838296>

A new facile preparation of a bifunctionalized C6 homologating agent from 1,4-cyclohexadiene

Sabine Chevallier-Michaud, Sabine Michaud, Jacques Viala, Tetrahedron, 1999, 55, 3019-3024. <hal-02146186>

Synthesis and evaluation of a new inhibitor of phosphoglucose isomerases: the enediolate analogue 5-phospho-Darabinohydroxamate

Hardré R., Bonnette C., Salmon L., Gaudemer A., Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 1998, 8, 3435-3438.

A new mechanism for pool boiling crisis, recoil instability and contact angle influence

K. Sefiane, D. Benielli, A. Sanfeld Steinchen , Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 142 (1998) 361-373

Borago Officinalis fatty acid fractionating by immobilized Candida rugosa lipase

Schmitt-Rozières M., Vanot G., Deyris V. et Comeau L.C. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. , 1998, 76, 5, 557-562.

Pyridinium betaines derived from thiazolo and imidazo acridinones

J-P. Galy, J-P. Hanoun, V. Pique, N. Jagerovic, J. Elguero. J. Heterocycl. Chem., 1997, 34, 1781-1787.

Cyanation of α-Ketoalkynes Catalyzed by Nickel in Water

Henri Arzoumanian, Magali Jean, Didier Nuel, José Luis García, Noe Rosas, Organometallics, 1997, 16, 2726 - 2729. <hal-01838292>

Nickel-Catalyzed Carbonylation of .alpha.-Keto Alkynes under Phase Transfer Conditions

Henri Arzoumanian, Magali Jean, Didier Nuel, Armando Cabrera, Jose Luis Garcia Guiterrez, Noe Rosas, Organometallics, 1995, 14, 5438 - 5441. <hal-01838289>


R Valls, J Artaud, P Amade, N Vincente, L Piovetti, Journal of Chromatography A, 1994, 663, 114-118. <hal-03479882>

Palladium and phase transfer catalyzed carbonylation of propargyl derivatives

Henri Arzoumanian, M'Barek Choukrad, Didier Nuel, Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 1993, 85, 287 - 293. <hal-01838285>

Conversion of the clusters [Os3(1,3-diyne)(CO)10] into bis(alkynyl) clusters by carboncarbon bond cleavage

Antony Deeming, Mark S.B. Felix, Didier Nuel, Inorganica Chimica Acta Reviews, 1993, 213, 3 - 10. <hal-01838278>

Nickel- and phase-transfer-catalyzed carboxylation of propargyl and allenyl halides

Henri Arzoumanian, Fabienne Cochini, Didier Nuel, Noe Rosas, Organometallics, 1993, 12, 1871 - 1875. <hal-01838275>

Mono- and dicarboxylation of .alpha.-haloalkynes catalyzed by nickel cyanide under phase-transfer conditions

Henri Arzoumanian, Fabienne Cochini, Didier Nuel, Jean Francois Petrignani, Noe Rosas, Organometallics, 1992, 11, 493 - 495. <hal-01838270>

Oxidative addition of Ph3PCHCHO to [Os3(CO)10(MeCN)2]

Antony Deeming, Didier Nuel, Nicholas Powell, Caroline Whittaker, Journal of the Chemical Society Dalton Transactions, 1992. <hal-01838273>

Oxygen atom transfer from dimethyl sulfoxide and N2O to triphenylphosphine mediated by a cyanooxomolybdate(IV) anion

Henri Arzoumanian, Didier Nuel, José Sanchez, Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 1991, 65, L9 - L11. <hal-01838267>

Mode of attachment of the triply-bridging C6H4 ligand in open triosmium clusters: Crystal structures and fluxionality of the clusters [Os3(PMe)(C6H4)(CO)8L] (L = CO or PEt3)

Antony Deeming, Jane Marshall, Didier Nuel, Gerard O'Brien, Nicholas Powell, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1990, 384, 347 - 360. <hal-01838263>

Substitution effects at bridging vinyl ligands: Molecular structures of [Os3H(CHCHR)(CO)10] where R = OEt or ferrocenyl

Antony Deeming, Mark S.B. Felix, Didier Nuel, Nicholas Powell, Derek Tocher, Kenneth Hardcastle, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1990, 384, 181 - 191. <hal-01838258>

Oxidative addition of Ph 3 PCHCHO at a triosmium cluster with cleavage of C–;H bonds: crystal structures of two isomers containing the new ligands Ph 3 PCCHO and Ph 3 PCHCO, respectively

Antony Deeming, Didier Nuel, Nicholas Powell, Caroline Whittaker, Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 1990, 68 - 70. <hal-01838248>

Conversion of the cluster [Os3(CHCFc)(CO)10] (CHCFc = ethynylferrocene) into [Os3(S)(CHCFc)(CO)9] by reaction with sulphur. Crystal structures of these clusters and of [Os3H(C2Fc)(CO)9]

Kenneth Hardcastle, Antony Deeming, Didier Nuel, Nicholas Powell, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1989, 375, 217 - 232. <hal-01838241>

(Aminoethyne)triosmium clusters

Antony Deeming, Shariff Kabir, Didier. Nuel, Nicholas Powell, Organometallics, 1989, 8, 717 - 722. <hal-01838235>

Bridging rather than chelation in the substitution chemistry of the osmium(I) complex [Os2(MeCO2)2(CO)6] with potentially chelating phosphines and arsines

Antony Deeming, Didier Nuel, Neil Randle, Caroline Whittaker, Polyhedron, 1989, 8, 1537 - 1544. <hal-01838218>

Study of ethylidyne-alkyne coupling on the trinuclear iron cluster, Fe3(CO)10(.mu.-H)(.mu.-CCH3)

Didier. Nuel, René Mathieu, Organometallics, 1988, 7, 16 - 21. <hal-01838190>

Formation of Fe3(N≡CMe)(CO)9 during the reaction of Fe3(μ3-CMe)(CO)10X clusters with alkynes (X = no) or diazoalkanes (X = H). First examples of ethylidyne-nitrogen coupling to acetonitrile

Didier Nuel, René Mathieu, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1986, 307, C5 - C6. <hal-01838183>

Carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond formation induced by the reaction of diphenyldiazomethane with Fe3(CO)9(.mu.3-COC2H5)

Didier. Nuel, Francoise Dahan, René Mathieu, Organometallics, 1986, 5, 1278 - 1279. <hal-01838178>

Alkylidyne-alkylidyne coupling induced by carbon monoxide addition to the bis(alkylidyne) cluster Fe3(CO)9(.mu.3-CCH3)(.mu.3-COC2H5): an unexpected reversible reaction. X-ray structure of Fe3(CO)9[P(C6H5)3](.mu.3-.eta.2-CH3C.tplbond.COC2H5)

Didier. Nuel, Francoise Dahan, René Mathieu, Organometallics, 1985, 4, 1436 - 1439. <hal-01838048>

Alkyne-induced carbyne-carbyne coupling in the trinuclear bis(carbyne) iron cluster Fe3(CO)9(.mu.3-COC2H5)(.mu.3-CCH3). X-ray structures of Fe3(CO)6(.mu.-CO)[C(OC2H5)C(CH3)C(C6H5)C(C6H5)] and Fe3(CO)6(.mu.-CO)[C(CH3)C(OC2H5)C(Si(CH3)3)C(Si(CH3)3)]

Didier Nuel, Francoise Dahan, René Mathieu, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1985, 107, 1658 - 1664. <hal-01838171>

Nouveaux chalcogénures et chalcohalogénures à clusters tétraédriques Nb4 ou Ta4

H.Ben Yaich, J.C Jegaden, M. Potel, M. Sergent, A.K Rastogi, R. Tournier, Journal of the Less Common Metals, 1984, 102, 9-22. <hal-02949976>

Deuterium kinetic isotope effects in the quaternization of polymethylpyridines (CH3 or CD3) with methyl iodide or D3-methyl iodide

Alexandru Balaban, Anisia Bota, Daniela C Oniciu, Gerd Klatte, Christian Roussel, Jacques Metzger, Journal of Chemical Research, 1982, 44-45. <hal-03284483>