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The team STeRéO, actually composed of 15 permanents staff (AMU and CNRS), 19 PhD students and 7 post-doctoral fellows is headed by Prof. Cyril Bressy

Our main research topic concerns the development of new synthetics methods to try to reach the goal of an ideal synthesis. For this purpose, we rely on the development of homogeneous enantioselective, organic and organometallic catalysis. The ultimate objective is to propose multiple and novel activations allowing the controlled assembly of simple substrates to form functional objects whith defined properties. As a result, the applications of the chemistry we develop range from natural products synthesis, biology our physics with organic lithography or materials for example.

The key features of our team are:

- the development of new structural, synthetic and theoretical techniques applicable in both academic and industrial contexts;

- recruitment of quality academic staff, encouraging all to develop association with other groups;

- recruitment of the best possible PhD students and research staff ;

- the pursuit of interdisciplinary collaborations, within STeRéO, with other groups in the University, and with external industrial and academic institutions.

Education is something we take seriously in our group. We strive to develop our knowledge and understanding with the emphasis on synthetic chemistry. Every week, selected members of the group devise and issue either problem sheets for the others to work through, synthesis discussion or a literature overview on a selected topic. We present these in the weekly group meeting, sharing and learning, working in teams or individually.

The resources available to STeRéO’s staff and students are fitting for a laboratory of international stature. Spectropole as well as STeRéO are well equipped with instrumentation needed for modern chemical research and provides facilities to researchers. The laboratory’s expertise and support are available to each researcher.

Finally two social events are held each year in order to facilitate communication between researchers : the Christmas lunch (mid December), and the annual BBQ (mid July). 


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