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Campus Scientifique de St Jérôme
Marseille cedex 20



2004: PhD Thesis : Synthesis of new macrocyclic chiral manganese(III) Schiff bases as catalysts for the asymmetric  epoxidation of olefins: Supervision: Dr. B. Meunier and Dr C. Hemmert. Chair of thesis committee: Pr. H. Kagan
2004 – 2005: Postdoctoral Fellowship - University of Genève (Pr. J. Lacour)
2005 – 2006: Graduate Teaching Assistant – IUFM of Nice - University of Toulon
2006 – 2014: Associated Professor, Organic Chemistry, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
2014 - : Professor, Ecole Centrale de Marseille

2013: HDR – École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Chair of the committee: Pr. M. Sallé
2000: Agregation (national teacher exam) Physical Chemistry


Ecole Centrale de Marseille : (first and second years)
Lecture : Bio-Organic chemistry, Bio-inorganic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry
Problem classes : organic chemistry, structures and molecular properties 
Lab class : organic chemistry 21 h


- Supramolecular chemistry
- Supramolecular catalysis
-  Supramolecular recognition of biologically active compounds
- Chemistry of Hemicryptophanes
- Chemistry of aza- and proaza-phosphatrane

Publications (47)
RéférenceRésumé graphique
Large-Scale Synthesis of Enantiopure Molecular Cages: Chiroptical and Recognition Properties

Sara Lefevre, Dawei Zhang, Estelle Godart, Marion Jean, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Laure Guy, Alexandre Martinez, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016, 22. <hal-01278206>
Closed vs Open-Shell CTV Based Host Compounds: A Direct Comparison

Sara Lefevre, Raphaël Simonet, Delphine Pitrat, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Marion Jean, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Laure Guy, Alexandre Martinez, ChemistrySelect, 2016, 1, 6316 - 6320. <hal-01470981>
Azaphosphatranes as Hydrogen-Bonding Organocatalysts for the Activation of Carbonyl Groups: Investigation of Lactide Ring-Opening Polymerization

Dawei Zhang, Damien Jardel, Frédéric Peruch, Nathalie Calin, Véronique Dufaud, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez, Brigitte Bibal, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 8, 1619-1624. <hal-01383093>
Cyclotriveratrylene-BINOL-Based Host Compounds: Synthesis, Absolute Configuration Assignment, and Recognition Properties

Sara Lefevre, Alexandre Héloin, Delphine Pitrat, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Marion Jean, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Laure Guy, Alexandre Martinez, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 81, 3199 - 3205. <hal-01470359>
Cyclotriveratrylene-Based Glycoclusters as High Affinity Ligands of Bacterial Lectins from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia ambifaria

Nicolas Galanos, Yanan Chen, Zachary P. Michael, Emilie Gillon, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexander Star, Anne Imberty, Alexandre Martinez, Sébastien Vidal, ChemistrySelect, 2016, 1, 5863 - 5868. <hal-01470832>
Helical, Axial, and Central Chirality Combined in a Single Cage: Synthesis, Absolute Configuration, and Recognition Properties

Dawei Zhang, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, James Robert Cochrane, Laure Guy, Guohua Gao, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016, 22, 8038 - 8042. <hal-01470976>
Diastereoselective recognition of α-mannoside by hemicryptophane receptors

Aline Schmitt, Bastien Chatelet, Daniele Padula, Lorenzo Di Bari, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez, Journal of new materials for electrochemical systems, 2015, in print. <hal-01121297>
A fluorescent heteroditopic hemicryptophane cage for the selective recognition of choline phosphate

Dawei Zhang, Guohua Gao, Laure Guy, Vincent Robert, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez, Chemical Communications, 2015. <hal-01471009>
Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of the first water soluble Cu(II)@hemicryptophane complex

Aline Schmitt, Solène Collin, Christophe Bucher, Vincent Maurel, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015, 13, 2157-2161. <hal-01473697>
Investigating host-guest complexes in the catalytic synthesis of cyclic carbonate from styrene oxide and CO2

Anaïs Mirabaud, Jean-Christophe Mulatier, Alexandre Martinez, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Véronique Dufaud, ACS Catalysis, 2015, 5. <hal-01278207>