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CTOM group meetings

CTOM group meetings - 2021/2022


Our group meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis on the virtual CTOM room and physically in our seminar room at service 561.

From January 2022 on, we meet on Tuesdays at 2pm.

Seminar schedule (each talk is about 15-20 mn + discussion):

Date Speaker(s) Title/Topic Group
22/10/2021 Léo Chaussy Trying to understand hydrogen bonding influence on the LMCT absorption wavelength of a series of Cupric Superoxides complexes CTOM, PhD
05/11/2021 Yannick Carissan Visualizing aromaticity CTOM
26/11/2021 Stéphane Humbel

Lophines and contorsions

10/12/2021   iSm2 half-day meeting  
25/01/2022 Albert Artigas Attempts to solve the “picyne puzzle” with quantum chemistry calculations CTOM, Post-doc
08/03/2022 Kevin Masson

An intramolecular rearrangement via a well-described singlet open-shell intermediate

CTOM, sTéRéo
14/03/2022 Francesco Talotta How to tackle radiationless transitions ? Paris-Saclay University
15/03/2022 Elise Antonetti Electro-defective cages

CTOM, Chirosciences

23/05/2022 Diego Garcia Lopez TBA CTOM, Post-Doc
30/05/2022 Michel Razjmann Réactivité sur les surfaces d'énergie potentielle bosselées avec la méthode FULLCHN



Alexis Klasen

Mariama Mbow

14/06/2022 Valentin Quaranta TBA




Past CTOM group meetings: 2020-2021