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Format: 2023
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The diversification of the antimicrobial peptides from marine worms is driven by environmental conditions

Renato Bruno, Céline Boidin-Wichlacz, Oleg Melnyk, Daniela Zeppilli, Céline Landon, Frédéric Thomas, Marie-Anne Cambon, Mickael Lafond, Kamel Mabrouk, François Massol, Stéphane Hourdez, Marc Maresca, Didier Jollivet, Aurélie Tasiemski, Science of the Total Environment, 2023, 162875. <hal-04034266>

LPMO‐like activity of bioinspired copper complexes: from model substrate to extended polysaccharides

Rébecca Leblay, Rafael Delgadillo-Ruiz, Christophe Decroos, Christelle Hureau, Marius Réglier, Ivan Castillo Pérez, Bruno Faure, A. Jalila Simaan, ChemCatChem, 2023. <hal-04231361>

Weakly Self-Assembled [6]helicenes: Circularly Polarized Light and Spin Filtering Properties

Rafael Rodríguez, Cristina Naranjo, Anil Kumar, Kais Dhbaibi, Paola Matozzo, Franck Camerel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Rafael Gomez-Ramirez, Ron Naaman, Luis Sanchez, Jeanne Crassous, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023, e202302254. <hal-04196549>

Study of the antioxidant and anti-pancreatic cancer activities of Anchusa strigosa aqueous extracts obtained by maceration and ultrasonic extraction techniques

Ziad Chebaro, Rola Abdallah, Adnan Badran, Kamar Hamade, Akram Hijazi, Marc Maresca, Joelle Edward Mesmar, Elias Baydoun, Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2023, 14. <hal-04187485>

Addition-elimination reactions of 2,2-disubstituted malononitriles and α-aryl nitriles. Subsequent transformations.

Jean-Marc Mattalia, ARKIVOC - Online Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2023, 2023. <hal-04199112>

Stereoselective formation of boron-stereogenic organoboron derivatives

Amel Abdou-Mohamed, Clara Aupic, Corentin Fournet, Jean-Luc Parrain, Gaëlle Chouraqui, Olivier Chuzel, Chemical Society Reviews, 2023, 52, 4381-4391. <hal-04153581>

Photoinitiation behavior of phenothiazines containing two oxime ester functionalities (OXEs) in free radical photopolymerization and 3D printing application

Yijun Zhang, Fabrice Morlet-Savary, Michael Schmitt, Bernadette Graff, Alexandre Rico, Malika Ibrahim-Ouali, Frédéric Dumur, Jacques Lalevée, Dyes and Pigments, 2023, 215, 111202. <hal-04038627>

Syntheses and Electrochemical and EPR Studies of Porphyrins Functionalized with Bulky Aromatic Amine Donors

Mary-Ambre Carvalho, Khalissa Merahi, Julien Haumesser, Ana Mafalda Vaz Martins Pereira, Nathalie Parizel, Jean Weiss, Maylis Orio, Vincent Maurel, Laurent Ruhlmann, Sylvie Choua, Romain Ruppert, Molecules, 2023, 28, 4405. <hal-04157648>

Self-assembly of achiral building blocks into chiral cyclophanes using non-directional interactions

Yuan Zhang, Benjamin Ourri, Pierre-Thomas Skowron, Emeric Jeamet, Titouan Chetot, Christian Duchamp, Ana M Belenguer, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Olivier Cala, Elise Dumont, Pradeep K Mandal, Ivan Huc, Florent Perret, Laurent Vial, Julien Leclaire, Chemical Science, 2023, 14, 7126-7135. <hal-04239440>

Circularly Polarized Luminescence from Cyclic (Alkyl)(Amino) Carbene Derived Propellers

Jan Lorkowski, Dylan Bouëtard, Patrick Yorkgitis, Milan Gembicky, Thierry Roisnel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Dominik Munz, Ludovic Favereau, Guy Bertrand, Marc Mauduit, Rodolphe Jazzar, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, e202305404. <hal-04120149>

Multi-Electron Visible Light Photoaccumulation on a Dipyridylamine Copper(II)–Polyoxometalate Conjugate Applied to Photocatalytic Generation of CF 3 Radicals

Weixian Wang, Lise-Marie Chamoreau, Guillaume Izzet, Anna Proust, Maylis Orio, Sébastien Blanchard, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2023, 145, 12136-12147. <hal-04165763>

Fluorescence Detection of the Persistent Organic Pollutant Chlordecone in Water at Environmental Concentrations

Oriane Della-Negra, Aya Esther Kouassi, Jean‐pierre Dutasta, Pierre‐loïc Saaidi, Alexandre Martinez, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023, 29. <hal-04150785>

Enantiopure cycloplatinated pentahelicenic N-heterocyclic carbenic complexes that display long-lived circularly polarized phosphorescence

Debsouri Kundu, Natalia del Rio, Marie Cordier, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Emma V Puttock, Stefan C J Meskers, J. A. Gareth Williams, Monika Srebro‐hooper, Jeanne Crassous, Dalton Transactions, 2023. <hal-04088974>

Designing Donor‐Acceptor Cyclopropane for the ThermalSynthesis of Carbocyclic Eight‐Membered Rings

Kévin Masson, Maxime Dousset, Bohdan Biletskyi, Sara Chentouf, Jean‐valère Naubron, Jean‐luc Parrain, Laurent Commeiras, Paola Nava, Gaëlle Chouraqui, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 2023, 365, 1002-1011. <hal-04153558>

Perfluoroalkyl Selenoxides, Selenones and Selenoximines: General Preparation and Properties

Arnaud de Zordo-Banliat, Kevin Grollier, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Sébastien Floquet, Thierry Billard, Guillaume Dagousset, Bruce Pégot, Emmanuel Magnier, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62. <hal-04046563>

Subtle Stereochemical Effects Influence Binding and Purification Abilities of an Fe II 4 L 4 Cage

Weichao Xue, Luca Pesce, Adinarayana Bellamkonda, Tanya K Ronson, Kai Wu, Dawei Zhang, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Thierry Brotin, Alexandre Martinez, Giovanni M Pavan, Jonathan R Nitschke, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2023, 145, 5570-5577. <hal-04216375>

Chiral Atropisomeric-NHC Catechodithiolate Ruthenium Complexes for Z-Selective Asymmetric Ring-Opening Cross Metathesis of Exo-Norbornenes

Jennifer Morvan, Dylan Bouëtard, Lingyu Kong, Yajie Chou, Thomas Vives, Muriel Albalat, Thierry Roisnel, Christophe Crévisy, Paola Nava, Stéphane Humbel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Hervé Clavier, Marc Mauduit, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023, e202300341. <hal-04061751>

New efficient synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and X-ray analysis of novel β-enaminocarboxamide derivatives

Yousra Ouafa Bouone, Abdeslem Bouzina, Nour-Eddine Aouf, Malika Ibrahim-Ouali, Research on Chemical Intermediates, 2023. <hal-04008431>

Structural Features Governing the Metabolic Stability of Tetraethyl-Substituted Nitroxides in Rat Liver Microsomes

Aleksandra Rančić, Nikola Babić, Maylis Orio, Fabienne Peyrot, Antioxidants, 2023, 12, 402. <hal-03979927>

Multifunctional Helicene-Based Ytterbium Coordination Polymer Displaying Circularly Polarized Luminescence, Slow Magnetic Relaxation and Room Temperature Magneto-Chiral Dichroism

Kais Dhbaibi, Maxime Grasser, Haiet Douib, Vincent Dorcet, Olivier Cador, Nicolas Vanthuyne, François Riobé, Olivier Maury, Stephan Guy, Amina Bensalah-Ledoux, Bruno Baguenard, Geert L J A Rikken, Cyrille Train, Boris Le Guennic, Fabrice Pointillart, Matteo Atzori, Jeanne Crassous, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62, e202215558. <hal-03887062>

Low-Temperature Luminescence in Organic Helicenes: Singlet versus Triplet State Circularly Polarized Emission

Kais Dhbaibi, Pierpaolo Morgante, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Jochen Autschbach, Ludovic Favereau, Jeanne Crassous, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2023, 1073-1081. <hal-03971815>

Highly Efficient Light‐Driven CO 2 to CO Reduction by an Appropriately Decorated Iron Porphyrin Molecular Catalyst

Aspasia Stoumpidi, Adelais Trapali, Marie Poisson, Alexandre Barrozo, Sylvain Bertaina, Maylis Orio, Georgios Charalambidis, Athanassios Coutsolelos, ChemCatChem, 2023. <hal-03980075>

Rational engineering of AA5_2 copper radical oxidases to probe the molecular determinants governing their substrate selectivity

Radka Koncitikova, Lisa Zuily, Emeline Lemarié, David Ribeaucourt, Safwan Saker, Mireille Haon, Harry Brumer, Victor Guallar, Jean‐guy Berrin, Mickael Lafond, FEBS Journal, 2023. <hal-03955785>

Long Non-Coding RNAs as Novel Targets for Phytochemicals to Cease Cancer Metastasis

Sadegh Rajabi, Huda Fatima Rajani, Niloufar Mohammadkhani, Andrés Alexis Ramírez-Coronel, Mahsa Maleki, Marc Maresca, Homa Hajimehdipoor, Molecules, 2023, 28. <hal-03955598>

Modulation of chiroptical and photophysical properties in helicenic rhenium(I) systems: the use of an N-(aza[6]helicenyl)-NHC ligand

Etienne S. Gauthier, Laura Abella, Elsa Caytan, Thierry Roisnel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Ludovic Favereau, Monika Srebro-Hooper, J. A. Gareth Williams, Jochen Autschbach, Jeanne Crassous, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023. <hal-03971868>

Aryne Atropisomers: Chiral Arynes for the Enantiospecific Synthesis of Atropisomers and Nanographene Atropisomers

Yoann Coquerel, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2023, 56, 86 - 94. <hal-04172607>

An essential role of the reversible electron-bifurcating hydrogenase Hnd for ethanol oxidation in Solidesulfovibrio fructosivorans

Arlette Kpebe, Chloé Guendon, Natalie Payne, Julien Ros, Manel Khelil Berbar, Régine Lebrun, Carole Baffert, Laetitia Shintu, Myriam Brugna, Frontiers in Microbiology, 2023, 14, 1139276. <hal-04071158>

Probing the Importance of Host Symmetry on Carbohydrate Recognition

Anne-Doriane Manick, Chunyang Li, Elise Antonetti, Muriel Albalat, Yoann Cotelle, Paola Nava, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Bastien A Chatelet, Alexandre Martinez, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023, e202203212. <hal-03961776>

Overcrowded Triply Fused Carbo[7]helicene

Albert Artigas, Florian Rigoulet, Michel Giorgi, Denis Hagebaum-Reignier, Yannick Carissan, Yoann Coquerel, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2023, 145, 15084 - 15087. <hal-04172611>

Recent Developments in Enantioselective Domino Reactions. Part B: First Row Metal Catalysts

Hélène Pellissier, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 2023. <hal-04009686>

NMR and DFT Studies with a Doubly Labelled 15 N/ 6 Li S ‐Trifluoromethyl Sulfoximine Reveal Why a Directed ortho ‐Lithiation Requires an Excess of n ‐BuLi

Matthieu Hédouin, Anne‐laure Barthelemy, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Hend Besrour, Jacques Maddaluno, Emmanuel Magnier, Hassan Oulyadi, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62, e202214106. <hal-03912827>

An HMM approach expands the landscape of sesquiterpene cyclases across the kingdom Fungi

Hayat Hage, Julie Couillaud, Asaf Salamov, Margot Loussouarn-Yvon, Fabien Durbesson, Elena Ormeño, Sacha Grisel, Katia Duquesne, Renaud Vincentelli, Igor Grigoriev, Gilles Iacazio, Marie-Noëlle Rosso, Microbial Genomics, 2023, 9, 000990. <hal-04074453>

Bioinspired complexes confined in well-defined capsules: getting closer to metalloenzyme functionalities

Donglin Diao, A. Jalila Simaan, Alexandre Martinez, Cédric Colomban, Chemical Communications, 2023. <hal-04047768>

Mechanistic and functional aspects of the Ruminococcin C sactipeptide isoforms

Lama Shamseddine, Clarisse Roblin, Iris Veyrier, Christian Basset, Lisa de Macedo, Anne Boyeldieu, Marc Maresca, Cendrine Nicoletti, Gaël Brasseur, Sylvie Kieffer– Jaquinod, Elise Courvoisier‐dezord, Agnès Amouric, Philippe Carpentier, Nathalie Campo, Mathieu Bergé, Patrice Polard, Josette Perrier, Victor Duarte, Mickaël Lafond, iScience, 2023, 26, 107563. <hal-04227419>

Recent Developments in Enantioselective Domino Reactions. Part A: Noble Metal Catalysts

Hélène Pellissier, Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 2023. <hal-04009681>

Controlled Immobilization of a Palladium Complex/Laccase Hybrid into a Macrocellular Siliceous Host

Fangfang Yang, Pierre Rousselot‐pailley, Cendrine Nicoletti, A. Jalila Simaan, Bruno Faure, Elise Courvoisier‐dezord, Agnès Amouric, Yolande Charmasson, Rénal R Backov, Thierry Tron, Yasmina Mekmouche, ChemPlusChem, 2023, 88, e202300156. <hal-04109580>

How Metal Nuclearity Impacts Electrocatalytic H2 Production in Thiocarbohydrazone-based Complexes

Michael Papadakis, Alexandre Barrozo, Léa Delmotte, Tatiana Straistari, Sergiu Shova, Marius Réglier, Vera Krewald, Sylvain Bertaina, Renaud Hardré, Maylis Orio, Inorganics, 2023, 11, 149. <hal-04061771>

Exploiting HOPNO-dicopper center interaction to development of inhibitors for human tyrosinase

Elina Buitrago, Clarisse Faure, Marcello Carotti, Elisabetta Bergantino, Renaud Hardré, Marc Maresca, Christian Philouze, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Ahcène Boumendjel, Luigi Bubacco, Amaury Du Moulinet D’hardemare, Hélène Jamet, Marius Réglier, Catherine Belle, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2023, 248, 115090. <hal-03998025>

A Triply [5]Helicene‐Bridged (1,3,5)Cyclophane

Frédéric Aribot, Amélie Merle, Pierre Dechambenoit, Harald Bock, Albert Artigas, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Yannick Carissan, Denis Hagebaum-Reignier, Yoann Coquerel, Fabien Durola, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023. <hal-04128719>

Synthesis of Chiral Heterocycles from Asymmetric Cascade Palladium Catalysis

Helene Pellissier, Current Organic Chemistry, 2023, 27. <hal-04078942>

UV photoreaction pathways of acetylacetaldehyde trapped in cryogenic matrices

P. Rousselot-Pailley, J. Mascetti, A. Pizzo, C. Aupetit, S. Sobanska, S. Coussan, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2023, 158, 084302. <hal-04001604>

Highly Robust and Efficient Blechert-Type Cyclic(alkyl)(amino)carbene Ruthenium Complexes for Olefin Metathesis

Antonio del Vecchio, Jakub Talcik, Sophie Colombel-Rouen, Jan Lorkowski, Melinda R Serrato, Thierry Roisnel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Guy Bertrand, Rodolphe Jazzar, Marc Mauduit, ACS Catalysis, 2023, 13, 6195-6202. <hal-04115781>

Resorcinol-based hemiindigoid derivatives as human tyrosinase inhibitors and melanogenesis suppressors in human melanoma cells

Brayan Roulier, Inbal Rush, Leticia M Lazinski, Basile Pérès, Hamza Olleik, Guy Royal, Ayelet Fishman, Marc Maresca, Romain Haudecoeur, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2023, 246, 114972. <hal-03955617>

A tetrathiafulvalene salt of the nitrite (NO2−) anion: investigations of the spin-Peierls phase

Loïc Soriano, Maylis Orio, Olivier Pilone, Olivier Jeannin, Eric Reinheimer, Nicolas Quéméré, Pascale Auban-Senzier, Marc Fourmigué, Sylvain Bertaina, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2023. <hal-04006059>

C2 -Symmetric atropisomeric N-heterocyclic carbene–palladium( ii ) complexes: synthesis, chiral resolution, and application in the enantioselective α-arylation of amides

Lingyu Kong, Yajie Chou, Muriel Albalat, Marion Jean, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Stéphane Humbel, Paola Nava, Hervé Clavier, Dalton Transactions, 2023, 52, 8728-8736. <hal-04142950>

Cyclic(alkyl)(amino)carbene ruthenium complexes for Z-stereoselective (asymmetric) olefin metathesis

Jennifer Morvan, François Vermersch, Jan Lorkowski, Jakub Talcik, Thomas Vives, Thierry Roisnel, Christophe Crévisy, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Guy Bertrand, Rodolphe Jazzar, Marc Mauduit, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2023, 13, 381-388. <hal-03885100>

Ambivalent Role of Rotamers in Cyclic(alkyl)(amino)carbene Ruthenium Complexes for Enantioselective Ring-Opening Cross- Metathesis

Jennifer Morvan, François Vermersch, Ziyun Zhang, Thomas Vives, Thierry Roisnel, Christophe Crévisy, Laura Falivene, Luigi Cavallo, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Guy Bertrand, Rodolphe Jazzar, Marc Mauduit, Organometallics, 2023, 42, 495-504. <hal-04087525>

Enantioselective Organocatalysis and Superacid Activation: Challenges and Opportunities

Bastien Michelet, Agnès Martin-Mingot, Jean Rodriguez, Sébastien Thibaudeau, Damien Bonne, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2023. <hal-04047011>

Mechanistic insight into cobalt-mediated [2 + 2 + 2]-cycloaddition reactions with γ-alkylidenebutenolide and γ-alkylidenebuterolactam as 2π partners

Léo Chaussy, Marion Delorme, Alexander Punter, Yannick Carissan, Jean-Luc Parrain, Muriel Amatore, Paola Nava, Laurent Commeiras, Dalton Transactions, 2023, 52, 14123-14131. <hal-04235181>

Evaluation of the Efficiency of Random and Diblock Methacrylate-Based Amphiphilic Cationic Polymers against Major Bacterial Pathogens Associated with Cystic Fibrosis

Magali Casanova, Hamza Olleik, Slim Hdiouech, Clarisse Roblin, Jean-François Cavalier, Vanessa Point, Katy Jeannot, Baptiste Caron, Josette Perrier, Siméon Charriau, Mickael Lafond, Yohann Guillaneuf, Stéphane Canaan, Catherine Lefay, Marc Maresca, Antibiotics, 2023, 12, 120. <hal-03998029>