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Message from the director

Welcome to the iSm2 website


The Institute of Molecular Sciences of Marseille (iSm2) is a multidisciplinary research centre at the heart of molecular chemistry acting at the interface with life sciences (chemical biology) and with increasing interactions with physics. 

This structure, built around three lead agencies, Aix-Marseille University (AMU), the National Centre of Research (CNRS) and Ecole Centrale de Marseille (ECM), presents an architecture based on clusters of skills powered by four research teams acting on three axes that cover synthetic chemistry, chemistry of life and quantum chemistry.


The specificities and the scientific objectives of the Institute are oriented both at the fundamental and applied levels to answer major scientific challenges in the fields of chirality, chemical modelling and mechanisms, natural products, supramolecular assemblies, chemical biology and metabolomics

Faced with the enormous societal challenges of the 21st century in economic and ecological terms, molecular sciences must play a key role in maintaining a strong and secure industry. For this, it is essential to ensure upstream innovative basic research that is able to meet the requirements of a sustainable evolution. With this in mind, iSm2 will strive to develop cross-cutting approaches within the framework of sustainable development (Green Chemistry) as much by its analytical, synthetic and theoretical aspects as in the field of life sciences (chemical biology).

The iSm2 makes an important contribution to training through high-level research to prepare and support our students towards the industrial and academic professional world. Moreover, in a modern context and adapted infrastructure, this new structure offers our young and talented colleagues the opportunity to achieve their scientific objectives in very good conditions while building them interesting prospects for the development of their careers.

To conclude, I invite you to browse our website to discover the details of the research approaches that are both fundamental and directed, implemented within the iSm2.

Pr. Jean Rodriguez
February 2018