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CTOM group meetings 2020-2021

Our group meetings are scheduled on a week basis every Friday from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m on the virtual CTOM room.

Each talk is about 15-20 mn + discussion

Date Speaker(s) Title/Topic Group
12/02/2021 Léo Chaussy Benchmark on cobalt systems relevant for reactivity CTOM, PhD
19/02/2021 Adrien Varet

Using constraint programming in order to solve problematics related to benzenoid hydrocarbons

26/02/2021 Djamel Khatmi Conformational analysis of hemicryptophan TPA-CTV CTOM
12/03/2021 Stéphane Humbel Interaction between localized structures: HuLiS & the block localization CTOM
19/03/2021 No seminar    
26/03/2021 Kevin Masson  Mechanistic investigation of an apparent transposition CTOM/STeRéo, PhD
09/04/2021 No seminar    
16/04/2021 No seminar    
30/04/2021 Paola Nava Bicyclopropanes and XRD CTOM
07/05/2021 No group meeting HDR Paola  
14/05/2021 No seminar    
21/05/2021 No seminar    
28/05/2021 Jean-Marc Mattalia BH3 Mediated Reduction of the P=O Bond CTOM
04/06/2021 No seminar


11/06/2021 Yannick Carissan Effective hamiltonian for Clar structures: trying to understand and fail CTOM
18/06/2021 No seminar tba CTOM
25/06/2021 Michiko Ahn-Furudate Study on  CO2+O ->  CO+O2 reaction channels involving spin transition CTOM - PhD
02/07/2021 Chisom Theoretical Study of the Formation of Glyceraldehyde and Glycerol in Interstellar Ice Analogues.

CTOM - Master 2

09/07/2021 No seminar