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CTOM group meetings

CTOM group meetings - 2022/2023


Our group meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis on the virtual CTOM room and physically in our seminar room at service 561.

From January 2023 on, we meet on Wednesdays at 10:30 am.

Seminar schedule (each talk is about 15-20 mn + discussion):

Date Speaker(s) Title/Topic Group
22/10/2021 Léo Chaussy Trying to understand hydrogen bonding influence on the LMCT absorption wavelength of a series of Cupric Superoxides complexes CTOM, PhD
05/11/2021 Yannick Carissan Visualizing aromaticity CTOM
26/11/2021 Stéphane Humbel

Lophines and contorsions

10/12/2021   iSm2 half-day meeting  
25/01/2022 Albert Artigas Attempts to solve the “picyne puzzle” with quantum chemistry calculations CTOM, Post-doc
08/03/2022 Kevin Masson

An intramolecular rearrangement via a well-described singlet open-shell intermediate

CTOM, sTéRéo
14/03/2022 Francesco Talotta How to tackle radiationless transitions ? Paris-Saclay University
15/03/2022 Elise Antonetti Electro-defective cages

CTOM, Chirosciences

23/05/2022 Diego Garcia Lopez TBA CTOM, Post-Doc
30/05/2022 Michel Razjmann Réactivité sur les surfaces d'énergie potentielle bosselées avec la méthode FULLCHN



Alexis Klasen

Mariama Mbow

14/06/2022 Valentin Quaranta TBA




Past CTOM group meetings: 2021-2022 / 2020-2021