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PhD proposals

March 2022: new PhD position open !

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In our group (Chimie ThéOrique et Modèles (CTOM), we study the electronic structure of molecules, through eigenstates and observables related to it. Our tools are the concepts of quantum chemistry on the one hand and numerical calculations on the other hand. Our target is to understand real systems with models and to verify the validity of these models in comparison with experimental data. The group owns a computer cluster named "CitesObscures" (~ 600 cores) and has access to the cluster of the Chemistry Department named "Slater" (~ 400 cores).


Several closely related research fields are developed :

1.    Quantum chemical calculations to describe systems in their electronic excited states and their dissociation.

2. Generation of eigenfunctions built on local orbitals, giving access to an "atomic" view of the electronic structure (Valence Bond approaches).

3. Study of systems through the electronic structure of a very limited number of electrons, developing new molecular pseudo-potentials.

4. Study of reactivity, particularly in metal catalysis and mass spectrometry related to polymerization reactions.

5. Development of our Java applet "HuLiS", which gives the weights of mesomeric structures of conjugated planar systems as well as a trust parameter indicating the reliability of a given mesomery scheme (at Hückel level). Download the Huckel-Lewis program HuLiS.jar.

6. CTOM organized the ValBO Meeting 
from june 24th 2018 to june 30th  in Marseille