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The 15 PhD students of STeRéO

Last name First name Supervisors Function Mail Phone number Link
ALEXANDRIDIS Anestis Adrien Quintard anestis.alexandridis [at] 0413945681 view
BAFENGO TEMBELE Christian Cyril BRESSY christian.bafengo-tembele [at] 0621503073 view
BEDOUET Corentin Gaelle CHOURAQUI corentin.bedouet1 [at] view
BOURHIS Alix Damien BONNE alix.bourhis [at] view
DOMAIN Antoine Damien BONNE antoine.domain [at] 0760963089 view
FAURAN Edouard Laurent Commeiras edouard.fauran [at] view
FOURNET Corentin Gaelle CHOURAQUI corentin.fournet [at] 0413949127 view
GAN Waner Yoann COQUEREL waner.gan [at] 04 13 94 56 69 view
GAUCHERAND Arthur Dr. Damien BONNE et Pr. Jean RODRIGUEZ arthur.gaucherand [at] view
JIANG Xingyu Thierry CONSTANTIEUX sebastienjiang2016 [at] 0760484160 view
LIU Xueyang Cyril BRESSY xueyang.liu [at] view
NAGHIM Abdelati abdelati.NAGHIM [at] view
RECUPIDO Antonio Xavier Bugaut, Thierry Constantieux antonio.recupido [at] view
RODRIGUES Jessica Thierry CONSTANTIEUX / Muriel AMATORE jessica.rodrigues [at] view
WANG Yongxing A. Jalila SIMAAN, MAylis ORIO, Alexandre MARTINEZ yongxing_wang_ynu [at] 0413945620 view

The 5 PhD and post-PhD students who recently left the team STeRéO

Last name First name Supervisors Devenir Leaving date Link
COLONNA Pierre Gaelle Chouraqui 01/01/2023 view
MASSON Kevin Dr Gaelle Chouraqui ; Pr. Laurent Commeiras, Dr Paola Nava 01/01/2023 view
NIKOLAIEVSKYI Dmytro JL Parrain 30/09/2023 view
RIGOULET Florian Yoann COQUEREL 30/09/2023 view
ARTIGAS RUF Albert 21/12/2023 view