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The 14 permanent staff of STeRéO

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
AMATORE Muriel muriel.amatore [at] 0413945661 view
ANNIBALETTO Julien julien.annibaletto [at] 0413945673 view
BONNE Damien damien.bonne [at] 0413945662 view
BRESSY Cyril cyril.bressy [at] 0413945663 view
CHOURAQUI Gaëlle gaelle.chouraqui [at] 0413945665 view
CHUZEL Olivier olivier.chuzel [at] 0413945666 view
COMMEIRAS Laurent laurent.commeiras [at] 0413945667 view
CONSTANTIEUX Thierry thierry.constantieux [at] 0413945668 view
COQUEREL Yoann yoann.coquerel [at] 0413945669 view
HERAN Virginie virginie.heran [at] 0413945671 view
PARRAIN Jean-Luc jl.parrain [at] 0413945672 view
PONS Jean-Marc jean-marc.pons [at] 0413945673 view
RODRIGUEZ Jean jean.rodriguez [at] 0413945675 view
YEN-PON Expédite expedite.yen-pon [at] 0413945670 view