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The 23 permanent staff of Chirosciences

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
ACHARD Thierry thierry.achard [at] view
ALBALAT Muriel muriel.albalat [at] 0413945626 view
BUONO Gérard gerard.buono [at] 0413945627 view
CHATELET Bastien bastien.chatelet [at] 0413945628 view
CHEVALLIER-MICHAUD Sabine sabine.chevallier [at] 0413945629 view
CLAVIER Hervé herve.clavier [at] 0413945630 view
COLOMBAN Cédric cedric.colomban [at] 0413945633 view
COTELLE Yoann yoann.cotelle [at] 0413945639 view
DE RIGGI Innocenzo [at] 0413945631 view
FARRAN Daniel daniel.farran [at] 0413946699 view
FOTIADU Frédéric frederic.fotiadu [at] 0413945633 view
GIORDANO Laurent laurent.giordano [at] 0413945634 view
HERAULT Damien damien.herault [at] 0413945635 view
JEAN Marion marion.jean [at] 0413945636 view
MARTINEZ Alexandre alexandre.martinez [at] 0413945637 view
MAZZOUZA Malika malika.ibrahim [at] 0413945638 view
MORALEDA-MANZANARES Delphine delphine.moraleda [at] 0413946696 view
NUEL Didier didier.nuel [at] 0413945640 view
PELLISSIER Hélène h.pellissier [at] 0413945641 view
PIRAS Patrick patrick.piras [at] 0413945642 view
ROUSSEL Christian christian.roussel [at] 0413945645 view
RUIZ Kirstin kirstin.ruiz [at] 0413945646 view
VANTHUYNE Nicolas nicolas.vanthuyne [at] 0413945648 view