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AMU iSm2 Service 462
Campus Scientifique de St Jérôme
Marseille cedex 20
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0491 28 27 42
Career path

1997- : Senior Lecturer at Ecole Centrale Marseille - ISM2 - Chirosciences.

1988-1997 : Resarcher at CNRS - ISM2 - Chirosciences - Dr Arzoumanian's group.

1986 – 1987 – post-Doctoral stay at University College London in Prof. A. J. DEEMING's team.
1986 – PhD Thesis at Toulouse IIII university – Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis - Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (CNRS) - Supervisor : Dr René MATHIEU.



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Publications (30)
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From Prochiral N-Heterocyclic Carbenes to Optically Pure Metal Complexes New Opportunities in Asymmetric Catalysis

Lingyu Kong, Jennifer Morvan, Delphine Pichon, Marion Jean, Muriel Albalat, Thomas Vives, Sophie Colombel-Rouen, Michel Giorgi, Vincent Dorcet, Thierry Roisnel, Christophe Crévisy, Didier Nuel, Paola Nava, Stéphane Humbel, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Marc Mauduit, Hervé Clavier, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020, 142, 93-98. <hal-02442228>

Platinum–(phosphinito–phosphinous acid) complexes as bi-talented catalysts for oxidative fragmentation of piperidinols: an entry to primary amines

Romain Membrat, Alexandre Vasseur, Delphine Moraleda, Sabine Michaud-Chevallier, Alexandre Martinez, Laurent Giordano, Didier Nuel, RSC Advances, 2019, 9, 37825-37829. <hal-02373357>

Umpolung Reactivity of in Situ Generated Phosphido-Boranes: An Entry to P-Stereogenic Aminophosphine-Boranes

Sébastien Lemouzy, Romain Membrat, Enzo Olivieri, Marion Jean, Muriel Albalat, Didier Nuel, Laurent Giordano, Damien Hérault, Gérard Buono, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019, 4551-4557. <hal-02079962>

General methodology for the chemoselective N-alkylation of (2,2,6,6)-tetramethylpiperidin-4-ol: Contribution of microwave irradiation

Romain Membrat, Alexandre Vasseur, Laurent Giordano, Alexandre Martinez, Didier Nuel, Tetrahedron Letters, 2019, 60, 240-243. <hal-01969189>

Cobalt(III)-catalysed C–H allylation with vinylaziridines

Lingyu Kong, Bohdan Biletskyi, Didier Nuel, Hervé Clavier, Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 2018, 5, 1600 - 1603. <hal-01816352>

Phosphinous Acid Platinum Complex as Robust Catalyst for Oxidation: Comparison with Palladium and Mechanistic Investigations

Romain Membrat, Alexandre Vasseur, Alexandre Martinez, Laurent Giordano, Didier Nuel, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, 2018, 5427-5434. <hal-01905995>

Synthesis of chiral supramolecular bisphosphinite palladacycles through hydrogen transfer-promoted self-assembly process

Alexandre Vasseur, Romain Membrat, Davide Palpacelli, Michel Giorgi, Didier Nuel, Laurent Giordano, Alexandre Martinez, Chemical Communications, 2018, 54, 10132 - 10135. <hal-01870774>

Secondary Phosphine Oxides as Multitalented Preligands En Route to the Chemoselective Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidation of Alcohols

Alexandre Vasseur, Romain Membrat, David Gatineau, Alphonse Tenaglia, Didier Nuel, Laurent Giordano, ChemCatChem, 2017, 9, 728 - 732. <hal-01682727>

Reduction of secondary and tertiary phosphine oxides to phosphines

Damien Hérault, Duc Hanh Nguyen, Didier Nuel, Gérard Buono, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44, 2508 - 2528. <hal-01471001>

Synthesis and reactivity of a cyclopentadienyl-indenyl ligand ring-coupled by a chiral bridge derived from ethyl (S)-(-) lactate

Richard Lai, Jean-Claude Daran, Didier Nuel, Martial Sanz, Nick Summerton, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Anaïs Zaragori-Benedetti, Dalton Transactions, 2013, 42, 7980-7990. <hal-00995635>