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The 21 PhD students of BiosCiences

Last name First name Supervisors Function Mail Phone number Link
AHAMMAD Soniya Maylis ORIO, Olga IRANZO doctorant soniya.ahammad [at] view
DE ASSIS MODENEZ Iago Thierry Tron doctorant iago.DE-ASSIS-MODENEZ [at] view
ERDEM Elif Véronique ALPHAND doctorant elif.erdem [at] 0413945624 view
FAKLYA Bernadett Véronique ALPHAND doctorant bernadett.faklya [at] 0413945625 view
GAMBOA Stefani Maylis Orio / Jalila Simaan doctorant stefani.gamboa-ramirez [at] 0413945613 view
GENTILI Sylvia Olga IRANZO doctorant silvia.gentili [at] view
Gómez-Piñeiro Rogelio J. Maylis ORIO et Jalila SIMAAN doctorant rogelio-javier.gomez-pineiro [at] 0413945620 view
LEBLAY Rebecca Jalila SIMAAN et Bruno FAURE doctorant rebecca.LEBLAY [at] view
LEYDET Létitia IACAZIO Gilles doctorant letitia.leydet [at] 0413945625 view
MASCIA Francesco Véronique ALPHAND doctorant francesco.mascia [at] 0313945624 view
MOLINELLI Lise Dr. Thierry TRON doctorant lise.molinelli [at] view
NDOYE Cheikh Bruno FAURE doctorant cheikhndoye3140 [at] 0413945625 view
PAPADAKIS Michail Maylis ORIO, Renaud HARDRE doctorant michail.papadakis [at] view
PIERSANTI Elena Mylène CAMPREDON & Mehdi YEMLOUL doctorant elena.piersanti [at] view
POISSON Marie Renaud HARDRE doctorant marie.poisson [at] view
PUJOL Manon Christophe Decroos / Jalila Simaan doctorant manon.pujol.1 [at] view
RIBEAUCOURT David Michael LAFOND doctorant david.ribeaucourt [at] 0413945607 view
RIGHETTI Claudio Thierry TRON doctorant claudio.righetti [at] 0413945622 view
ROLLIG Robert Véronique ALPHAND doctorant robert.r.punkt [at] 0413945625 view
SHEN Qiujuan Thierry TRON doctorant qiujuan.shen [at] view
WANG Yongxing A. Jalila SIMAAN et Alexandre MARTINEZ doctorant yongxing_wang_ynu [at] 0413945620 view

The 4 Post-PhD students of BiosCiences

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
FUDUCHE Maxime postdoc fuduche.maxime [at] 0413945624 view
HAYEK Mahmoud ATER mahmoud.hayek [at] view
HERNANDES BARROZO Alexandre postdoc barrozo.ah [at] view
ROBLIN Clarisse postdoc clarisse.roblin [at] 0413945607 view

The 2 PhD and post-PhD students who recently left the team BiosCiences

Last name First name Supervisors Devenir Leaving date Link
COUILLAUD Julie Gilles IACAZIO / Katia DUQUESNE 30/09/2021 view
BUI Anna-Maria T. TRON/G. IACAZIO 05/06/2022 view