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The 54 PhD students of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
MASCIA Francesco doctorant francesco.mascia [at] 0313945624 view
MASSON Kevin doctorant kevin.masson [at] 0413945679 view
MASSOUH Joe doctorant joe.massouh [at] 0413945652 view
MICHEL Nathan doctorant nathan.michel [at] view
MITON Louise doctorant louise.miton [at] view
MOLINELLI Lise doctorant lise.molinelli [at] view
NDOYE Cheikh doctorant cheikhndoye3140 [at] 0413945625 view
NIKOLAIEVSKYI Dmytro doctorant dmytro.NIKOLAIEVSKYI [at] 0413945680 view
PAPADAKIS Michail doctorant michail.papadakis [at] view
PIERSANTI Elena doctorant elena.piersanti [at] view
POISSON Marie doctorant marie.poisson [at] view
PUJOL Manon doctorant manon.pujol.1 [at] view
RECUPIDO Antonio doctorant antonio.recupido [at] view
RIBEAUCOURT David doctorant david.ribeaucourt [at] 0413945607 view
RIGHETTI Claudio doctorant claudio.righetti [at] 0413945622 view
RIGOULET Florian doctorant florian.rigoulet [at] 0413945669 view
ROLLIG Robert doctorant robert.r.punkt [at] 0413945625 view
SAIDAH Milane doctorant milane.saidah [at] 0413945679 view
SAVCHUK Mariia doctorant mariia.savchuk [at] 0413945653 view
SHAO Na doctorant na.shao [at] view
SHEN Qiujuan doctorant qiujuan.shen [at] view
SYLLA Yaye Seybatou doctorant yayeseybatou [at] 0413945680 view
VANDEPUTTE Emile doctorant emile.vandeputte [at] view
WANG Yongxing doctorant yongxing_wang_ynu [at] 0413945620 view