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The 40 PhD students of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
AHAMMAD Soniya soniya.ahammad [at] view
ALEXANDRIDIS Anestis anestis.alexandridis [at] 0413945681 view
ANTONETTI Élise elise.antonetti [at] view
BAFENGO TEMBELE Christian christian.bafengo-tembele [at] 0621503073 view
BAIDIUK Anna anna.baidiuk [at] view
BARROIS Fabien fabien.barrois [at] 0413945691 view
BEDOUET Corentin corentin.bedouet1 [at] view
BENDIF Besma bendif.besma [at] 0413945638 view
BLANCO MEJIAS Alejandro [at] view
BOURHIS Alix alix.bourhis [at] view
CHAUSSY Léo leo.chaussy [at] view
DOMAIN Antoine antoine.domain [at] 0760963089 view
FAURAN Edouard edouard.fauran [at] view
FILIPPI Alexis alexis.filippi [at] view
FOURNET Corentin corentin.fournet [at] 0413949127 view
FURUDATE Michiko michiko.furudate [at] view
GAN Waner waner.gan [at] 04 13 94 56 69 view
GAUCHERAND Arthur arthur.gaucherand [at] view
GUERIN Paul paul.guerin.1 [at] +33413945662 view
JACOB-VILLEDIEU Antoine antoine.jacob-villedieu [at] 0413945601 view
JIANG Xingyu sebastienjiang2016 [at] 0760484160 view
LEBLAY Rebecca rebecca.LEBLAY [at] view
LEYDET Létitia letitia.leydet [at] 0413945625 view
LIU Xueyang xueyang.liu [at] view
LORENZO REYES Amisadai amisadai.lorenzo-reyes [at] 0413945691 view
MEHREZ Jana jana.mehrez [at] 0413945613 view
MICHEL Nathan nathan.michel [at] view
MITON Louise louise.miton [at] view
MOLINELLI Lise lise.molinelli [at] view
NAGHIM Abdelati abdelati.NAGHIM [at] view
ONZIMBA LENYUNGO Mari-beatris mari-beatris.onzimba-lenyungo [at] view
POISSON Marie marie.poisson [at] view
RECUPIDO Antonio antonio.recupido [at] view
RODRIGUES Jessica jessica.rodrigues [at] view
SHEN Qiujuan qiujuan.shen [at] view
SHYMON Daryna shymondaryna [at] 0413945650 view
VANDEPUTTE Emile emile.vandeputte [at] view
WANG Yongxing yongxing_wang_ynu [at] 0413945620 view
WANG Zhen [at] view