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The 16 contract workers of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
ARTIGAS RUF Albert postdoc albert.artigas-ruf [at] 0413945676 view
BARDAY Manuel ATER manuel.barday [at] view
BENZIDI Hind ATER hind.benzidi [at] view
BILETSKYI Bohdan postdoc bohdan.biletskyi [at] 0413594642 view
DEBRAUWER Vincent postdoc vincent.debrauwer [at] view
DELLA-NEGRA Oriane postdoc oriane.della-negra [at] view
FUDUCHE Maxime postdoc fuduche.maxime [at] 0413945624 view
HAYEK Mahmoud ATER mahmoud.hayek [at] view
HERNANDES BARROZO Alexandre postdoc barrozo.ah [at] view
KHATMI Djameleddine prof associé khatmi.djameleddine [at] 0413945690 view
MAAZAOUI Radhouan postdoc radhouanmaazaoui [at] view
MANICK Anne-Doriane ATER ad.manick [at] 0413945651 view
QIU Gege postdoc gegeqiu [at] view
ROBLIN Clarisse postdoc clarisse.roblin [at] 0413945607 view
SINGH Sukhdev postdoc sukhdev.giri [at] 0413945677 view
YEN-PON Expédite postdoc expedite.yenpon [at] view