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The 170 staff of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
ROUSSELOT-PAILLEY Pierre CR pierre.rousselot-pailley [at] 0413945618 view
RUIZ Kirstin IE kirstin.ruiz [at] 0413945646 view
SAIDAH Milane doctorant milane.saidah [at] 0413945679 view
SAVCHUK Mariia doctorant mariia.savchuk [at] 0413945653 view
SHAO Na doctorant na.shao [at] view
SHEN Qiujuan doctorant qiujuan.shen [at] view
SHINTU Laetitia MCF laetitia.shintu [at] 0413945619 view
Sigha Adra Adra24dalel [at] +213778612864 view
SIMAAN A. Jalila DR2 jalila.simaan [at] 0413945620 view
SOUDAY Nathalie AJT nathalie.souday [at] 0413945695 view
SYLLA Yaye Seybatou doctorant yayeseybatou [at] 0413945680 view
TIJERAS Patrick AJT patrick.tijeras [at] 0413945696 view
TOMOVIC Nina stagiaire nina.tomovic [at] view
TRANCHIDA Fabrice IE fabrice.tranchida [at] 0413945621 view
TRON Thierry DR2 thierry.tron [at] 0413945622 view
VANDEPUTTE Emile doctorant emile.vandeputte [at] view
VANTHUYNE Nicolas IR nicolas.vanthuyne [at] 0413945648 view
WANG Yongxing doctorant yongxing_wang_ynu [at] 0413945620 view
YEMLOUL Mehdi MCF mehdi.yemloul [at] 0413945623 view
YEN-PON Expédite postdoc expedite.yenpon [at] view