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The 170 staff of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
Nikolaievskyi Dmytro dmytro.NIKOLAIEVSKI [at] 0767027423 view
NIKOLAIEVSKYI Dmytro doctorant dmytro.NIKOLAIEVSKYI [at] 0413945680 view
NUEL Didier MCF didier.nuel [at] 0413945640 view
ORIO Maylis CR maylis.orio [at] 04 13 94 56 13 view
PAPA Jean-Baptiste TCN jean-baptiste.papa [at] 0413945697 view
PAPADAKIS Michail doctorant michail.papadakis [at] view
PARRAIN Jean-Luc DR1 jl.parrain [at] 0413945672 view
PAUL Chantal TCH chantal.paul [at] 0413945694 view
PELLISSIER Hélène CR1 h.pellissier [at] 0413945641 view
PERRIER Josette PR1 josette.perrier [at] 0413945614 view
PIERSANTI Elena doctorant elena.piersanti [at] view
PIRAS Patrick IR patrick.piras [at] 0413945642 view
POISSON Marie doctorant marie.poisson [at] view
PONS Jean-Marc PREX jean-marc.pons [at] 0413945673 view
PUJOL Didier TCH didier.pujol [at] 0413945643 view
PUJOL Manon doctorant manon.pujol.1 [at] view
QIU Gege postdoc gegeqiu [at] view
QUINSON Nathalie MCF nathalie.quinson [at] 0413945615 view
QUINTARD Adrien CR adrien.quintard [at] 0413945674 view
RECUPIDO Antonio doctorant antonio.recupido [at] view
REGLIER Marius DREM marius.reglier [at] 0413945616 view
REY Antonin stagiaire antonin.rey [at] 0646879128 view
RIBEAUCOURT David doctorant david.ribeaucourt [at] 0413945607 view
RIGHETTI Claudio doctorant claudio.righetti [at] 0413945622 view
RIGOULET Florian doctorant florian.rigoulet [at] 0413945669 view
ROBERT Viviane MCFHC v.robert [at] 0413945617 view
ROBLIN Clarisse postdoc clarisse.roblin [at] 0413945607 view
RODRIGUEZ Jean PREX jean.rodriguez [at] 0413945675 view
ROLLIG Robert doctorant robert.r.punkt [at] 0413945625 view
ROUSSEL Christian PR christian.roussel [at] 0413945645 view