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The 170 staff of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
FAURE Bruno MCF bruno.faure [at] 0413945601 view
FORTRIE Rémy MCF remy.fortrie [at] 0491 28 8656 view
FOTIADU Frédéric PR2 frederic.fotiadu [at] 0413945633 view
FOURNET Corentin doctorant cor.fournet [at] 0413949127 view
FUDUCHE Maxime postdoc fuduche.maxime [at] 0413945624 view
FURUDATE Michiko doctorant michiko.furudate [at] view
GAMBOA Stefani doctorant stefani.gamboa-ramirez [at] 0413945613 view
GARCIA LOPEZ Diego postdoc diego.GARCIA-LOPEZ [at] 0413945686 view
GAUCHERAND Arthur doctorant arthur.gaucherand [at] view
GENTILI Sylvia doctorant silvia.gentili [at] view
GIARDINA Thierry PR1 thierry.giardina [at] 0413945602 view
GIORDANO Laurent MCF laurent.giordano [at] 0413945634 view
GIORGI Alain IE HC alain.giorgi [at] +33413945692 view
Gómez-Piñeiro Rogelio J. doctorant rogelio-javier.gomez-pineiro [at] 0413945620 view
GOUDARD Nicolas IE nicolas.goudard [at] +33413945684 view
GUERIN Paul doctorant paul.guerin.1 [at] +33413945662 view
GUERRI Messaoud stagiaire messaoud.guerri [at] view
HACHANI Aroussia doctorant aroussiahachani1 [at] 0413945690 view
HAGEBAUM-REIGNIER Denis MCF denis.hagebaum-reignier [at] 0413945685 view
HANS Morgan stagiaire m.hans [at] view
HARDRE Renaud MCF renaud.hardre [at] 0413945603 view
HAYEK Mahmoud ATER mahmoud.hayek [at] view
HERAN Virginie IE virginie.heran [at] 0413945671 view
HERAULT Damien MCF damien.herault [at] 0413945635 view
HERNANDES BARROZO Alexandre postdoc barrozo.ah [at] view
HOU Jingke doctorant jingke.hou [at] 0413945653 view
HUMBEL Stéphane PR1 stephane.humbel [at] 0413945686 view
IACAZIO Gilles PR2 gilles.iacazio [at] 0413945604 view
IRANZO Olga DR2 olga.iranzo [at] 0413945605 view
IVALDI Serge AJT serge.ivaldi [at] 0413945606 view