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The 170 staff of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
CHOURAQUI Gaëlle CR1 gaelle.chouraqui [at] 0413945665 view
CHUZEL Olivier MCF olivier.chuzel [at] 0413945666 view
CIACCAFAVA Alexandre CR2 alexandre.ciaccafava [at] view
CIRILLO Yoann doctorant yoann.cirillo [at] view
CLAVIER Hervé CR herve.clavier [at] 0413945630 view
COLOMBAN Cédric CR cedric.colomban [at] 0413945633 view
COLONNA Pierre doctorant colonnapierre91 [at] 5679 view
COMMEIRAS Laurent PR laurent.commeiras [at] 0413945667 view
CONSTANTIEUX Thierry PR1 thierry.constantieux [at] 0413945668 view
COQUEREL Yoann DR2 yoann.coquerel [at] 0413945669 view
COTELLE Yoann MCF yoann.cotelle [at] 0413945639 view
COURVOISIER-DEZORD Elise IE elise.courvoisier-dezord [at] 0413945597 view
DE ASSIS MODENEZ Iago doctorant iago.DE-ASSIS-MODENEZ [at] view
DE RIGGI Innocenzo MCF [at] 0413945631 view
DEBRAUWER Vincent postdoc vincent.debrauwer [at] view
DECROOS Christophe CR christophe.decroos [at] 0413945598 view
DELLA-NEGRA Oriane postdoc oriane.della-negra [at] view
DESIREE Patrick doctorant patrick.desiree [at] 0413945679 view
DESPALLE Alexis doctorant adespalle [at] view
DEYRIS Valérie MCF valerie.deyris [at] 0413945599 view
DHAOUI Achref stagiaire achref1407 [at] view
DIAO Donglin doctorant donglindiao1992 [at] 0413945650 view
DIOP Birane doctorant birane1.diop [at] 0413945661 view
DIOUF Khady doctorant khadija24md [at] 0413945679 view
DOS-SANTOS Margaux stagiaire margaux.dos-santos.1 [at] 0413945649 view
DUQUESNE Katia MCF katia.duquesne [at] 0413945600 view
ERDEM Elif doctorant elif.erdem [at] 0413945624 view
FAKLYA Bernadett doctorant bernadett.faklya [at] 0413945625 view
FARRAN Daniel MCF daniel.farran [at] 0413946699 view
FAURAN Edouard stagiaire edouard.fauran [at] view