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The 172 staff of l'iSm2

Last name First name Function Mail Phone number Link
AHAMMAD Soniya doctorant soniya.ahammad [at] view
AJANDOUZ El Hassan MCF el-hassan.ajandouz [at] 0413945590 view
ALBALAT Muriel IE muriel.albalat [at] 0413945626 view
ALEXANDRIDIS Anestis doctorant anestis.alexandridis [at] 0413945681 view
ALPHAND Véronique DR2 v.alphand [at] 0413945591 view
AMATORE Muriel MCF muriel.amatore [at] 0413945661 view
AMOURIC Agnès IE agnes.amouric [at] 0413945592 view
ANTONETTI Élise doctorant elise.antonetti [at] view
ARTIGAS RUF Albert postdoc albert.artigas-ruf [at] 0413945676 view
ATTOLINI Mireille MCF mireille.attolini [at] 0413945593 view
AVESQUE Carole MCF carole.serveau-avesque [at] 0413945594 view
BARDAY Manuel ATER manuel.barday [at] view
BELGHITI-ALAOUI Nassim stagiaire nassim.belghiti-alaoui [at] view
BENDIF Besma doctorant bendif.besma [at] 0413945638 view
BENZIDI Hind ATER hind.benzidi [at] view
BERNARD Sylvie AJT sylvie.bernard [at] 0413945676 view
BERTOLOTTI Mathilde stagiaire mathilde.bertolotti [at] view
BONNE Damien MCF damien.bonne [at] 0413945662 view
BOQUIN Lucas stagiaire lucas.bocquin [at] 0413594642 view
BOUILLAC Pierre doctorant pierre.bouillac [at] view
BRESSY Cyril PR2 cyril.bressy [at] 0491 28 8604 view
BUONO Gérard PREX gerard.buono [at] 0413945627 view
CAMPREDON Mylène PREX mylene.campredon [at] 0413942352 view
CARDOZO Keight stagiaire c15479582 [at] view
CARISSAN Yannick MCF yannick.carissan [at] 0413945683 view
CHARMASSON Yolande TCH yolande.charmasson [at] 0413945596 view
CHATELET Bastien MCF bastien.chatelet [at] 0413945628 view
CHAUSSY Léo doctorant leo.chaussy [at] view
CHECK-ABDOULA Djouneïd IE dcheck974 [at] view
CHEVALLIER-MICHAUD Sabine IE sabine.chevallier [at] 0413945629 view