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AMU iSm2 Service 531
Campus Scientifique de St Jérôme
Marseille cedex 20

Phone number
0491 28 91 87

Administrative responsabilities

Secrétariat de l'UMR 7313

Publications (6)
ReferenceGraphical Abstracts
Effects of an acceptance and commitment therapy intervention on leaders’ and managers’ psychological flexibility

Christophe Deval, Sylvie Bernard-Curie, Jean-Louis Monestes, Journal de Thérapie Comportementale et Cognitive, 2017, 27, 34 - 42. <hal-01910532>
Gene Amplification and Functional Diversification of Melanocortin 4 Receptor at an Extremely Polymorphic Locus Controlling Sexual Maturation in the Platyfish

Jean-Nicolas Volff, Yvonne Selz, Carsten Hoffmann, Alexander Froschauer, Christina Schultheis, Cornelia Schmidt, Qingchun Zhou, Wolfgang Bernhardt, Reinhold Hanel, Astrid Boehne, Frederic Brunet, Beatrice Segurens, Arnaud Couloux, Sylvie Bernard-Samain, Valerie Barbe, Catherine Ozouf-Costaz, Delphine Galiana, Martin J. Lohse, Manfred Schartl, GENETICS, 2013, 195, 1337-1352. <hal-01544912>
Polydnaviruses of Braconid Wasps Derive from an Ancestral Nudivirus

Annie Bézier, Marc Annaheim, Juline Herbiniere, Christoph Wetterwald, Gabor Gyapay, Sylvie Bernard-Samain, Patrick Wincker, Isabel Roditi, Manfred Heller, Maya Belghazi, Rita Pfister-Wilhem, Georges Periquet, Catherine Dupuy, Elisabeth Huguet, Anne-Nathalie Volkoff, Beatrice Lanzrein, Jean-Michel Drezen, Science, 2009, 323, 926-930. <hal-00402741>
Analysis of introgression of Aegilops ventricosa Tausch genetic material in a common wheat background using C-banding

E. D. Badaeva, O. S. Dedkova, Jean Koenig, Sylvie Bernard, Michel Bernard, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2008, 117, 803-811. <hal-00964132>
Chromosomal rearrangements in wheat: their types and distribution

E.D Badaeva, O.S. Dedkova, Georges Gay, V.A. Pukhalskyi, A.V. Zelenin, Sylvie Bernard, Michel Bernard, Genome, 2007, 50, 907-926. <hal-00964254>
Cytoplasmic variability in androgenetic doubled haploid lines of triticale

Gilles Charmet, Fernand Vedel, Michel Bernard, Sylvie Bernard, Chantal Mathieu, Agronomie, 1985, 5, 709-717. <hal-00884803>